Donation Process

What happens to the blood that is donated?

After the blood is collected from the pet, it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma.  A 450ml dog donation can be separated into two units of packed red blood cells and 2 units of plasma. That means that 1 donation has the potential of saving 4 lives!

What is a donation like?

Donors come in once every 2-3 months to donate.  We use very similar equipment to human blood banks.


After completing a short questionnaire, blood is collected from the jugular vein in the neck.  In dogs, we take 450mls of blood, which is about 2 cups.  In cats, we take about 50mls of blood.  After the collection, they get lots of praise and treats.   Cats will also receive fluids under their skin. 

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